Peleusec Soustons Station

The groundwater supply zone* from Peleusec to Soustons
5 boreholes and potential production of 400 to 450 m3 per hour

In addition to the 2 main groundwater supply zones, SIEAM has 2 other boreholes:
• In SOUSTONS at the water tower (35 m3 per hour)
• In MESSANGES (Route de la Plage) (30 m3 per hour)
SIEAM therefore has a global production potential of approximately 800 m3 per hour.
The 11 boreholes in service supply 100,000 inhabitants during the summer season.
The resources available are 15,000 m3 per day.
The Association distributes approximately 1,200,000 m3 of water every year.
On peak days, production exceeds 10,000m3 per day.

The water from the two groundwater supply zones is treated (elimination of iron, manganese and arsenic, increase in pH by adding sodium hydroxide) and disinfected (chlorine gas or chlorine dioxide).

The pumped water is stored in 2 water towers and 6 ground tanks with a total capacity of approximately 5,000 m3 environ, i.e. 1/2 of peak day consumption.

Customers are served by a distribution network 330 km long.

Treatment of iron and manganese, addition of sodium hydroxide to regulate pH and disinfection.

*groundwater supply zone = a protected zone authorized by the Prefect for the production of drinking water


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