Non-collective sanitation

At the request of the local councils, SIEAM manages the Public Non-Collective Sanitation Service (SPANC) for the communes of SOUSTONS, AZUR, MESSANGES and VIEUX BOUCAU.

This mission consists of:

For new buildings (or building renovations):

Checks on the design of the projects:
Anyone who wishes to carry out non-collective sanitation works (creation or renovation) must fill in an application requesting agreement for the installation of a non-collective sanitation system. SIEAM uses the information provided in the application (in which a fragmented soil study is requested) to check the design of the project and sends a technical opinion to the applicant by post. If the sanitation project is linked to works subject to planning permission, SIEAM’s technical opinion (with the plan approved by our services) must be added to the planning application and sent to the examining body (in the “mairie”).

For existing installations:

Periodic inspections to ensure that individual sanitation installations are in good working order (condition of the installation, effluent flow, maintenance checks, etc.). SPANC has a responsibility to inspect installations every 8 to 10 years. This check is valid for 3 years in the event of a sale (Order of 27 April 2012).

If the property is sold and if the inspection was more than 3 years ago, a new inspection is mandatory (Art. 1331.11.1 of the Public Health Regulations).

If the non-collective sanitation installation is non-compliant when the final deed of sale is signed, (in accordance with article L271-4 of the Building and Housing Regulations, amended by Act no. 2010-788 of 12/07/2010 art 160) the buyer has one year in which to carry out the works to bring the installation up to standard, in collaboration with SIEAM.
Inspection of collective sanitation in the event of a property sale:
When a property is for sale, an inspection may be carried out on its sanitation system: this consists of checking for the existence of a connection to the network and that all the drainage outlets in the house are connected (dye tests).

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