Significant recent developments

The association has been running all the water and sanitation services directly since 1st January 2010. A standby service has been introduced.
In 2010, the association embarked on a quality policy that led to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification for all its services in late December 2012

The Peleusec treatment plant in Soustons was renovated in 2002-2004, and the Vieux Boucau treatment plant in 2007-2008.
The Soustons water tower was renovated in 2008.
The Vieux Boucau water tower was renovated in 2011-2012.
The new sewage treatment plant for 100,000 equivalent inhabitants was brought into service in 2007.
The Peleusec reservoir (2700 m3) was brought into service at the end of June 2012.
The Hardy unit and the new upflow collecting effluents from the Soustons districts (route de Tosse, avenue de Cramat, route de Saint Geours, Mora district) and the commune of Tosse have been in service since June 2013).
The total organic carbon (TOC) treatment plant in Vieux Boucau was brought into service at the end of October 2013.

Developments in 2014

Drinking water

- TOC treatment plant: the works carried out by the SOGEA SNATP SUD-OUEST group have been completed. The treatment plant was brought into service at the end of October 2013 and gave full satisfaction in 2014.

- Works to renew or improve drinking water installations:

Soustons :
Avenue de Labouyrie, Passage du Carrelot
Pipe reinforcement, Caunègre district

Vieux Boucau :
Avenue Brémontier, Rue des Chardons, Avenue des Dunes

- Various improvement works:
Works at the overpressure reservoir, Route de Saint Geours de Maremne
Peleusec automatic system
Upgrading of valve boxes (approximately 150)
Renewal of 600 meters and fitting of water meters with remote meter reading
Sectorization and modelling works
Evaluation of the drinking water network
Evaluation of 2 boreholes, F4 and F5, in Soustons


Tosse has been connected to the new Hardy unit since June 2013
Diagnostic study and outline plan for the 4 communes
Various works at the sewage treatment plant (screen, degreaser, access layout, signage, aluminium doors and extinguishers)
Various works on the upflow units (Bireplecq, Chênes Lièges and renewal of the electricity cabinets at the PR Arts et Vie, Piqueur and La Paillotte)
Various works on submersible borehole pumps
Upgrade restrictors
Renewal of air release valves

Creation of the collective sanitation network in the PESSON district (works ended)

Creation of the collective sanitation network in the MOUTIC district (works ended)
Moulin district

Renovation via the interior, Rue du Collège
Creation of the collective sanitation network in the CAUNEGRE district
Chemin de la Croix de Jubilé
Allée des Martins Pêcheurs
Chemin de Jus
Works on pipes and pumping unit for connection to Domaine de Lalière

Vieux Boucau
Connection Rue de Bireplecq

The office extension work (archive room) is in progress (completion due in Q1 2014).

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